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Scorefunds makes it easy for coaches and group leaders to utilize and expand their network of supporters to raise more money in less time.

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Create your campaign

Build an eye-catching campaign page that'll stand out from the rest in minutes.

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Recruit your team

Invite team members to create their own page to help promote your fundraiser.

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Promote and profit

Raise more money in less time by promoting your fundraiser with our built-in sharing tools.

Get equipped with everything you need to achieve your money goals


Create unique campaigns

Catch the attention you need to raise more money and grow your fan base by customizing your page with sport and team specific design options.

Manage fundraiser anywhere

Easily your campaign, track your progress, or manage your donations on-the-go from any computer, phone, or tablet.

Boost team participation

Maximize your fundraiser's performance by boosting participation with incentives. Prizes are built-in to every fundraiser and cost you nothing.

Make flexible withdrawals

Our platform allows cash withdrawals at any point in your campaign. It's your money, take it as you need it!


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