Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is Scorefunds?

Scorefunds is the leading online fundraising platform dedicated to teams & organizations. Our platform takes a team approach to raising more money in less time. With Scorefunds, coaches can invite team members to help promote team fundraiser through their own player pages.


Q: What does it cost to get started?

There is no upfront cost or monthly fees to use Scorefunds. In order to cover our operational costs of building, maintaining, and supporting our software platform for your fundraiser, we do charge a percentage fee (14.9% plus 0.30 per transaction) of your overall funds raised.


Q:Can I get started on my own online?

Absolutely! Launch your very own campaign in minutes. Every campaign goes through an on-boarding process where we capture your organization/team details.  Get started here.


Q:How will I receive our funds raised?

It's your money, so take it as you need it! We make your funds available to the provided bank account throughout the duration of your campaign. Have additional questions? Contact us.


Q: Can I give tax receipts to contributors?

Scorefunds cannot give tax receipts on your behalf.


Q: Do I need to get my campaign approved?

No, you can create, edit and launch your campaign all yourself. However, neglecting to respect the terms of service, will get your campaign removed and you'll be banned from using the Scorefunds platform.


Q: Can I edit my campaign after it’s launched?

Yes, you can make changes to your campaign after it has been launched. Get help.


Q: What will you do with the information that I have to provide to launch my campaign and to receive my funds?

Scorefunds is committed to upholding your right to privacy. To learn more, check our Privacy Policy.


Q: What happens if I don’t reach my funding goal?

Although you have not reached your funding goal, we hope you benefited from this experience. Once your campaign is within it's final days, we provide you an opportunity to extend your campaign. You are not required to hit your funding goal in order to keep your money raised.



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