41% of Crowd Funders are Doomed From the Start

Crowdfunding, we see it everywhere for anything from a “ground breaking water bottle” to someone trying to raise funds for an art project. If we’re being honest, over 41% of crowdfunding campaigns never make any money at all. Seems pretty dismal right? It gets worse…


The reason most of these campaigns fail isn’t due to lack of a compelling reason for people to donate. Even with an amazing cause, the idea that people will merely find and donate to your cause because they’re browsing a platform and randomly choose to support you out of a sea of campaigns, simply isn’t realistic.


We’ve put together a list of the top reasons these campaigns never take off (Don’t lose hope! We’re going to tell you how to avoid these mistakes):

-          They have no true audience: If people don’t have a connection to you or your cause, they have no reason to donate to your cause. We’ve found that crowdfunding works best when you share it with your friends and family, people who really can connect with your cause.

-          No Marketing: This seems like a simple one, but so many campaigns overlook this step. You don’t have to be a marketer to be able to get your campaign out there. Remember, if people don’t know that your campaign exists, there’s no way they could support you! Fortunately, Scorefunds’ gives you a tool kit of integrated marketing capabilities that takes all the guesswork out of getting your message out there.

-          Lackluster Video or no video at all: Time and time again we see that videos are incredibly important to the success of a campaign. Being able to put a name to a face brings much more of an emotional connection to a cause. Don’t skip out on your video content, it needs to be compelling enough that people share it with their friends and ultimately, they’ll want to support you as well!

-          Unclear Goals: Today, people are more skeptical than ever about things they see on the internet. Even seemingly innocent fundraisers can appear to be scams. We can’t stress enough the importance of being completely transparent about what your funding will go towards and how your team will benefit.

If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd of crowd funders, click the link below to start raising funds the right way.


Benjamin Johnston