4 Questions You Need to Be Asking About Crowd Funders


Choosing a platform to raise funding today is no small feat. With countless options seemingly offering the same thing, it can get really difficult to make a decision.

Deciding which platform to use can seem a lot like hiring a new coach for your team. Would you rather have a coach who has never played your sport but has a longstanding reputation for winning in other sports or someone who’s played the game since they could walk? The choice seems simple to us…


Before you begin your search, we’ve come up with 4 questions that will help guide you through the process:


1.       What support does the platform offer?

Although you may have experience in fundraising, you’re likely new to crowdfunding. You’ll want to spend some time seeing which platforms will dedicate time and a real person to making sure your campaign is as successful as possible.

2.       How will the platform help you get your campaign out there?

Over 41% of campaigns launched never get a single dime. Yes, you read that right. Almost half of all campaigns don’t get anything at all. Don’t let this discourage you from running one though. These campaigns typically fail because they’re never shared or promoted. When searching for a platform, be sure to learn what each one does to help get your message out there.

3.       Will you be able to use videos?

Research shows that campaigns with videos receive over 4 times more funding. People love video and can really engage with it. Be sure to look for campaigns that not only allow video but also help you get the best content for your time as possible.

4.       How flexible is the platform?

Although platforms don’t need to be able to do summersaults to meet your needs, they should be able to give you some degree of flexibility when it comes to your campaign. Things such as campaign end dates. Team pages, customization, and accessibility are all things you should be looking for.


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Benjamin Johnston